april 4, 2015

bellmar skate ranch // oc, ca

Bellmar's is legend among the skate world. Kelly's is far from the perfect transitions we see at most of today's parks, but it's still a blast to ride and very much a challenge. I invited the Rennies, Lonny Hiramoto, Bennett Harada, and Neal Hendrix over for a little session. Thanks to Kelly for having us.

Bill Rennie

Neal Hendrix

Nathan Rennie

Bennett Harada

Tristan Rennie

Neal givng Tristan what for

Kelly has a lot of old toys for Tristan to play on.


Tristan bluntslider

Neal and his egg

Tristan jumping the gap

Monty through the corner


Lonny Hiramoto


Lonny locks one in before the end of the session.